American Library Association • October 17, 2014

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ALA membership system upgrade

iMIS 20 membership system logo

Sherri Vanyek writes: “The iMIS 20 membership system upgrade is scheduled for 5 p.m. Central time, Friday, October 17. The ALA membership database will be put in read-only mode at that time. Members will still be able to register for the Midwinter Meeting, log on to and make updates to ALA Connect. Members will not be able to save data to the iMIS membership system (update contact information, renew membership, register for a webinar, make donations, reset passwords, or volunteer for a committee). The upgrade will be in place on Monday, October 20.”...

ITTS News, Oct. 14

Mick Ebeling to speak at Midwinter President’s Program

Mick Ebeling

ALA Midwinter Meeting attendees will hear an inspiring message about finding creative solutions to real-world problems by looking at them differently. Film and TV producer Mick Ebeling (right), author of Not Impossible: The Art and the Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done (Atria Books, January 2015) will be welcomed by ALA President Courtney Young as the featured speaker at the ALA President’s Program on Sunday, February 1. On the cutting edge of the new Maker Movement, Ebeling is succeeding in finding ways to create and share new, simple, DIY technologies....

Office of ALA Governance, Oct. 10

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Frank Menchaca

Curriculum alignment at Gale

Frank Menchaca, Senior Vice President, Global Project Management, Gale, National Geographic Learning

At Gale these days, our product and go-to-market strategies have all centered on answering a single question: how do we help libraries provide value that they can measure and demonstrate to their stakeholders?

Gale logoOne initiative dedicated to advancing this cause is our new curriculum alignment service. This involves a deep and extensive consultation with a customer to identify: What are their metrics of value; who are the stakeholders that evaluate those metrics, and how does a Gale product demonstrate that value?...


Seven STEM apps designed by students

STEMBox, designed by 15-year-old Nicolas Badila

Michael Sharnoff writes: “On October 2 in Washington, D.C., I had the privilege to meet with 20 student fellows, ages 15–25, selected for their video game and app prototypes that address social issues in their community. These future ed-tech leaders did a fantastic job of not only promoting STEM fields, but also dissuading the naysayers that the US lacks innovation in education and technology. The fellows presented their projects to the Obama administration and will receive an innovation grant to help further develop their game or app.”...

eSchool News, Oct. 13

Project Muse

Highland Park, Texas, schools using Challenged Book list as a ban guide

Seven books challenged, then reinstated, at Highland Park Independent School District

The Highland Park, Texas, Independent School District has been in the news recently regarding seven books that were unilaterally suspended in September from the English curriculum by Superintendent Dawson Orr. While the superintendent has since reinstated those books to the reading list, there is still much discussion about district policy, book selection, and permission slips. According to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, parent permission slips should be sent home for all books that are on the ALA Top 10 Challenged Book List by Year, going back 10 years....

OIF Blog, Oct. 16; Dallas Morning News, Sept. 29; New Yorker, Oct. 1

ALA Midwinter Meeting

The time has come to legally define Fair Use

ARL's Code of Best Practices in Fair Use

Jessamyn West writes: “I’m a librarian. Sharing within the limits of the law is what we do. Sometimes if the sharing laws are restrictive, we work towards changing those laws. We match patrons with the content that they want in the format that they prefer, optimally. Fair Use is a legally outlined exception to copyright law that permits limited use of copyrighted material without asking for permission. Putting a music clip in a YouTube video or a screenshot in your magazine article? Might be fair use, might not.”...

The Open Standard, Oct. 14

The four flavors of makerspaces

Milwaukee Makerspace

Ellyssa Kroski writes: “Did you know that there are many different types of makerspaces, each with their own set of unique characteristics? This was news to me until recently so I thought I’d pass along my research on what I found were the important distinctions as well as important links. The four kinds are: FabLabs, Hackerspaces, TechShops, and Makerspaces. Real Makerspaces are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. They usually have 3D printers as well as electronic equipment available.”...

iLibrarian, Oct. 15

The chemistry of book aromas

What causes the smell of new and old books? Infographic

Andy Brunning writes: “Everyone’s familiar with the weirdly intoxicating scent of old books. Similarly, who doesn’t enjoy riffling through the pages of a newly purchased book and breathing in the crisp aroma of new paper and freshly printed ink? As with all aromas, the origins can be traced back to a number of chemical constituents, so we can examine the processes and compounds that can contribute to both.”...

Compound Interest, June 1

29 moments any librarian knows all too well

I don’t remember the title, but it’s blue

Arianna Rebolini writes: “When a patron wants you to find a book, based only on the vaguest detail. When a patron is shocked that you know a bestseller off the top of your head. Conversely, the shame of forgetting the name of a book you know you know. When you find the perfect source just after a patron has left.”...

BuzzFeed Books, Oct. 16

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