Raising money one quilt at a time.

American Library Association • March 29, 2016
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Raising money for students one quilt at a time

Auctioned at the 2010 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., this multichromatic quilt coordinated by Rachel Ivy Clarke, a graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle, uses scraps and other fabrics that may have otherwise been thrown away. Group members were encouraged to contribute blocks in colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

Here’s a thread you may have missed: The ALA BiblioQuilters will be auctioning off several quilts at the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando to help raise money for library students. The group is made up of 15–20 active quilters who work in and with libraries—including librarians, staff, trustees, friends, and vendors. By auctioning off their quilts at Annual Conference, they support students who are enrolled or who will enroll in library school....

American Libraries feature, Mar. 29

Intellectual freedom course for LIS students

Emily Knox

The Freedom to Read Foundation and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are partnering to offer an online, graduate-level course on intellectual freedom for LIS students around the country. The course will be taught by GSLIS professor Emily Knox (right). “Intellectual Freedom and Censorship” is a two-credit course and will meet online Tuesdays from August 23 to October 11. Applications for half-scholarships are due May 2....

Freedom to Read Foundation, Mar. 28
AL Direct 10th anniversary

Join your state library association

The Michigan Library Association is an ALA chapter

Want to find out the best way to advocate for libraries in your state? Join your state library association, also known as an ALA chapter, right now and let them show you how it’s done. It’s imperative—now more than ever—to support your state library association’s efforts to advocate for and support libraries, librarians, and library workers within your state. Your ALA chapter membership will also benefit you personally and professionally....

ALA Membership blog, Mar. 29

Georgia governor vetoes anti-gay bill

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (right) on March 28 vetoed a controversial religious liberties bill that had provoked outrage from ALA, Hollywood, sports leagues, and corporations for what critics said was its discrimination against gay and transgender people. Deal’s decision comes two weeks after the state legislature passed House Bill 757 aimed at shoring up the rights of religious organizations to refuse services that clash with their faith, particularly with regard to same-sex marriage....

Washington Post, Mar. 28; AL: The Scoop, Mar. 25
Libraries Transform

UK libraries lose 8,000 jobs as hundreds close

8,000 jobs have disappeared from UK libraries since 2010

Almost 8,000 library jobs in the UK have disappeared in six years, about 25% of the overall total, an investigation by the BBC has revealed. Over the same period, some 15,500 volunteers have been recruited and 343 libraries have closed, leading to fears about the future of the profession. Children’s author Alan Gibbons said the public library service faced the “greatest crisis in its history.” Librarian Ian Anstice, who runs the Public Libraries News website in his spare time, said the cuts are “without precedent.”...

BBC News, Mar. 29

Twitter makes its service more accessible

Accessible Twitter

Sarah Perez writes: “Twitter announced March 29 an effort to make its service more accessible to those who are visually impaired. Specifically, the company is now allowing users to add descriptions to images as ‘alt text.’ This lets people who are taking advantage of assistive technology, including screen readers and braille displays, the chance to hear what an image is about even when they can’t make out the details or see it. To use the feature, you’ll have to go into the app’s accessibility settings.”...

TechCrunch, Mar. 29; Twitter blog, Mar. 29

Language apps pour les enfants

Screenshot from Endless Spanish app

At one time, it was a challenge to discover usable language-learning apps for storytime that were also good enough to recommend to parents. Thankfully, developers have produced more options for kids interested in language learning via a tablet. Here are some apps that are well designed, easy to navigate, and full of interactive ways to grasp definitions, pronunciation, or even a new alphabet....

ALSC Blog, Mar. 28
Latest Library Links

Library leadership in the digital age

Deanna Marcum

Deanna Marcum (right) writes: “In the digital era, library leadership requires recalibration. I am especially concerned about executive leadership because most of the individuals who are under consideration for these positions have at least one foot in the print world, but they are responsible for articulating the digital library’s mission and vision. Most have been trained to focus on local collections, but now a national or global mindset is key. And this requires a different kind of leadership.”...

Ithaka S+R, Mar. 28

How libraries can save the Internet of Things

Decentralized internet

Jason Griffey writes: “Decentralized systems will provide the information and services of the next big shift in computing: the Internet of Things. These systems are robust bulwarks against censorship, control, and the whims of shareholder-driven corporations. Libraries can support a decentralized system with both computing power and lobbying muscle. The fights libraries have pursued for a free, fair, and open internet show that we are players in the political arena, which is every bit as important as servers and bandwidth.”...

Boing Boing, Mar. 28

The beginner’s guide to PC backup

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2

Eric Griffith writes: “We all know we’re supposed to back up our data. We could go so far as to say that a backup of digital data is essential to a person’s well-being and peace of mind. Why, then, do so many people still not bother to back up? Perhaps it’s because backing up takes some effort. In the past, it’s been complicated. Now, thanks to new software, hardware, and services, it’s easier than ever. Here’s a quick look at the types of backup available, as well as the tools you’ll need to pull it off.”...

PC Magazine, Mar. 24

1,000 black girl books: A resource guide

Marley Dias and her books

This resource guide was created in direct response to the multiple requests made by educators, parents, and students. Like 11-year-old Marley Dias (right), creator of the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign, so many have asked for books with black girls as the main characters. And because of these requests, the Grassroots Community Foundation has received thousands of books. Here they are sharing the first 700 book titles. Beginning in April, each month the foundation will provide updates of new books....

Grassroots Community Foundation

25 great escapist novels

Cover of The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell

Emily Temple writes: “CNN got you down? Fox News just too much? Here are some suggestions of books that will help you escape from the media while still maintaining your intellectual integrity. That is, they’re escapist in the good, absorbing way, not the yikes-this-is-garbage way. Down the rabbit hole is a fine place to hide yourself right now, but even rabbit holes have dirt bottoms, and once you get there, you’ll need a new book. Here are 25 novels to consider.”...

Flavorwire, Mar. 28

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