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In Call Number with American Libraries looks at outdoor-related activities with conversations about bugs (most notably the Brood X cicadas) with Ohio County (W.Va.) Public Library, this summer’s best beach reads with Booklist’s Senior Editor of Collection Management and Library Outreach Susan Maguire, and Delmont (Pa.) Public Library’s new outdoor learning center....

AL: The Scoop, June 22

Elizabeth Bellizzi writes: “Last year, Danielle Anguish, children’s services manager at Henderson County (Ky.) Public Library, was tasked with coordinating a summer literacy activity for kids from seven elementary schools and four public housing developments. A daunting assignment in normal times, the program also had to adhere to the county’s COVID-19 lockdown protocols. Her solution? StoryWalks.”...

American Libraries Trend, June

Quanetta Batts and Ellen Knutson write: “Ethics and inclusion should be at the center of all your community engagement programs. Putting these ideas into practice can be challenging because of organizational inertia and a lack of appetite for risk. By carefully considering the potential impacts of your actions and plans, you will be on your way to providing truly ethical and inclusive engagement programs.”...

American Libraries feature, June

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ALA invites all library users to nominate their favorite librarians for the . The national award recognizes librarians working in public, school, college, community college, or university libraries for their outstanding public service contributions. ALA member leaders will select 10 librarians from thousands of nominations, and each will receive $5,000 in recognition of their outstanding public service. The Association will honor award recipients at the I Love My Librarian Award ceremony on January 22, 2022, at  in San Antonio, Texas. Winners also will receive complimentary LibLearnX registration as part of their award packages as well as a $750 travel stipend. now through September 27....

ALA Communications and Marketing Office, June 23

ALA has hired Kevin D. Strowder to lead the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services, effective Monday, June 21. An experienced nonprofit professional with more than a decade of experience leading and designing programs to promote diversity metrics and uphold inclusive practices, Strowder will take leadership of an office with three focus areas—diversity, literacy, and outreach services to underserved populations—that manages prominent programs, initiatives, awards, and relationships that support equity and inclusion through a lens of social justice....

American Library Association, June 16

AASL has released its annual list of . The recognition honors electronic resources that provide enhanced learning and curriculum development for school librarians and their educator collaborators. These user-friendly tools are recognized for fostering the qualities of innovation/creativity, active participation, collaboration, exploration, and information/reference. The technology resources are also evaluated for their application of AASL’s National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries....

American Association of School Librarians, June 22

Latest Library Links

A pair of Christian parents in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, are suing the East Penn School District, claiming their children should be exempt from lessons concerning the Black Lives Matter movement. Macungie residents Maureen and Christopher Brophy say in their lawsuit that topics discussed in their children’s classrooms such as “systematic racism,” “white fragility,” “religion,” “white privilege,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “police brutality,” are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. They claim those topics are anti-Christian and discriminate against their religion. The lawsuit was filed June 14 in federal court....

Pittsburgh (Penn.) Post-Gazette, June 16

Jordan Smith writes: “It has appeared on numerous ‘Best of’ lists, including The Guardian’s , it has won multiple awards and weathered numerous challenges. Despite all that, Persepolis is still causing controversy 20 years after its publication date. Long Island’s Commack High School removed  by (left) from its required reading list. Jordan Cox, the executive director of instructional services, declined to specify any reasons other than its ‘graphic nature’ in some parts. The decision was made months ago by a committee and announced at a community forum on June 8. Persepolis will still be available to read and for electives.”...

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, June 21; The Guardian (UK), Sept. 21, 2019; AL: The Scoop, Feb. 18, 2015; American Libraries Trend, Sept./Oct. 2014

In 1979, just a couple of months into his stint with 20/20, ABC’s fledgling television news magazine, producer and documentarian Joseph Lovett was “beyond thrilled” to be assigned an interview with author James Baldwin, whose work he had discovered as a teen. The finished piece is a 60 Minutes-style profile that covers a lot of ground, yet 20/20 chose not to air it....

Open Culture, June 14

ALA news and press releases

Krishnapriya Agarwal writes: “Books are wonderful things; they give you a pathway to enter the world of fantasies, delve into history, solve mysteries, and so much more. But two things that haunt readers around the world are not knowing which book to read next, and forgetting the name of that one amazing book they read long ago. That’s when the internet comes to the rescue. There are many websites that not only give you suggestions for new books according to your taste but also help you conduct a book search by the plot.”...

Make Use Of, June 21

Alaina Yee writes: “Each year, laptops improve across the board—between technology advances and the pressure of competition, the hardware inside offers better performance in greater leaps and bounds. That means you don’t need to spend on a premium model to get a solid notebook. Whether it’s a traditional clamshell or a convertible with a 360-degree hinge, spending between $600 and $1,000 can get you a laptop you’ll enjoy using. Moreover, it’ll last the length of the work or school day without trouble. Enough options exist now that finding the right model for you can take some time, so we’ve highlighted our top picks to make the hunt fast and easy.”...

PC World, June 21

Christine Frascarelli writes: “Our  theme is books set on an island. I couldn’t think of a more perfect summer prompt. Of course, you could travel via a good book to gorgeous islands like Hawaii and Santorini. In one of my new favorites, Ariadne, get tipsy with Dionysus on Naxos. Or pick up a book set on an imaginary island, books based loosely on real destinations, or books set on larger island countries like Indonesia or Japan. In the process, let Jamaica Kincaid school you on conscious tourism. So, what are some of the best books set on islands to take you there?”...

The Uncorked Librarian, June 13

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