Call Number Podcast: The Wide World of Libraians in Sports

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Call Number with American Libraries, Episode 92, The Wide World of Librarians in Sports

Still reeling from Super Bowl excitement? In Episode 92, Call Number features conversations with librarian athletes who represent three sports: seven-time Paralympic wheelchair racing medalist Amanda McGrory, who now oversees the archive for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee; retired law librarian Drew Evans, now known as the Pickleball Librarian, who uses his videos to promote the sport and reading; and powerlifting business librarian Hilary Schiraldi....

AL: The Scoop, Feb. 12

Antonia Hylton

Greg Landgraf writes: “NBC News and MSNBC correspondent Antonia Hylton says she became obsessed with the story of Crownsville (Md.) State Hospital when she arrived at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a history student. Her new book, Madness: Race and Insanity in a Jim Crow Asylum, traces Crownsville’s nearly 100-year history, and its parallels to the trauma and stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness in her family and for Black Americans more generally. American Libraries spoke with Hylton about mental health, libraries’ role in caring for community members, and how the story of Henrietta Lacks connects to Crownsville State Hospital.”...

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A small, white room with a large desk and TV.

Felton Thomas Jr. and Tana Peckham write: “In Cleveland, the struggle for affordable housing has been a pressing issue affecting the lives of many individual residents and families. Since May 2020, when Cleveland Housing Court’s pandemic-related pause on the processing of non­emergency evictions ended, more than 18,200 evictions were filed in the city. To help address this urgent community issue, in July 2022, Cleveland Public Library opened our first Neighborhood Housing Court kiosk at the South branch, in partnership with Cleveland Housing Court.”...

American Libraries Trend, Jan./Feb.

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International Love Data Week 2024: February 12-16, 2024

Gena Parsons-Diamond writes: “February 12–16, 2024 is , an initiative of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This year’s theme is ‘My Kind of Data,’ encouraging librarians to learn about data equity and inclusion, disciplinary communities, and creating a kinder world through data. Take a look at the large variety of data products and education that the Association of College and Research Libraries provides (including the ), to see how you can they can be used at your library to improve your data collection and interpretation practices.”...

ACRL Insider, Feb. 13

Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table logo

ALA’s Graphic Novels and Comics Round Table has announced its 2023 and reading lists. Both lists include dozens of outstanding fiction and non-fiction titles, and the Top 10 titles chosen by each list’s selection committee. The children’s list also divides recommendations by reading level....

ALA Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table, Feb. 12

2024 Educause AI Landscape Study

Jenay Robert writes: “Moving from reaction to action, higher education stakeholders are currently exploring the opportunities afforded by artificial intelligence (AI) for teaching, learning, and work while maintaining a sense of caution for the vast array of risks AI-powered technologies pose. To aid in these efforts, we present this inaugural , in which we summarize the higher education community’s current sentiments and experiences related to strategic planning and readiness, policies and procedures, workforce, and the future of AI in higher education.”...

Educause, Feb. 12

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Old-fashioned door lock

Katherine Knox writes: “The ongoing battle for the health and safety of library staff has garnered increasing attention in recent years, with numerous reports and articles worldwide highlighting a troubling surge in negative incidents. These include verbal abuse, physical assaults, threats of violence, overdoses, and other alarming occurrences. The following is a summary of the latest reports on current causes of negative incidents, which protective measures are working to reduce incidents and which are not, and what new procedures and initiatives can be adopted to improve the lives of library staff and patrons.”...

Public Libraries Online, Feb. 8


Jessica Fitzpatrick writes: “High school librarians have their work cut out for them when it comes to programming. They need to come up with creative and engaging ideas that will keep students interested and coming back for more, and those students often have many other things to do on campus, such as sports, clubs, and so on. One of the biggest challenges that not only high school librarians, but all librarians face is budget constraints. However, there are many budget-friendly library ideas for creating fun and engaging programming for students.”...

Knowledge Quest, Feb. 7

Social media logos

David Pierce writes: “At some point over the last year, you’ve probably come across the term fediverse a few times. The fediverse is as if you took X, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook and made them all interoperable so you could post anything from anywhere, and all your followers would be guaranteed to see it. And if you wanted to leave one platform for another, you could bring all your content, all your followers, all your everything with you. It’s all based on a decades-old idea about how the internet should work.”...

The Verge, Feb. 7

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Banned Book Rainbow title card

“On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, beloved book lover LeVar Burton to help in spreading the word. Taking after the opening sequence to Reading Rainbow, the video highlights books that have been challenged throughout recent American history. The video emphasizes the absurdity of book bans in general. This is seen in highlighting the recent challenge to a title in Alabama because the author’s last name is Gay.”...

Book Riot, Feb. 12

Chrome logo

Chifundo Kasiya writes: “The ‘Not enough memory to open this page’ error usually appears when trying to open a new page in Chrome. It means the browser has used your computer's available RAM (physical memory) and can't open more pages. Luckily, it's fixable.” Closing excess tabs, updating Chrome, enabling Memory Saver mode, clearing the cache and cookies, disabling extensions, and increasing virtual memory may all rectify the situation....

How-To Geek, Feb. 11

Dying rose

Emily Temple writes: “It can be tough to be a cynic on Valentine’s Day. The color palette alone is enough to send some of us into a sugar coma. And don’t get me started on the narratives. So if you’d like to hide from your friends and family—or just the relentless bombardment of mushy advertising—this week, but still feel the vague urge to ‘participate’ in the ‘culture,’ consider curling up with one of these novels: love stories for those who basically tolerate love, but have their doubts.”...

Literary Hub, Feb. 12

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